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Technical Support on Components

We start by providing technical support to our customers that include component information, detailed guidelines, and an overview of features. It is essential to understand the need and requirements of the customer to deliver the right product.

Supply of Components

We prepare the delivery after collecting all the required information from the customer. The supply can be both small and large in terms of quantity, so we keep our suppliers ready to fulfill the order requirement.

Supply Scheduling

Sometimes, the customer order for high quality; in that case, we take extra time to arrange the components. In case of a small quantity, the order is dispatched on the same day. We try to schedule all the orders on the same order the order has been received.

After-Sale Support

We do not leave our customers hanging in case of any technical issue; therefore, our highly competent team is always ready to help our customers in case of any after-sale query. We also have a 30 working days return policy and no questions ask.